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New home Guide

Decorating a new home is FUN! From furniture designing to buying decorative things and everything in between, the modern features you put into your custom build home will be there with you for the timeless years. 

Some people love exploring new cities and frequently changing homes with a new location, new sofa set, new doors, and windows, while for other people, it is a thrill to live in their own house, renovating it every season. Whichever section one might fall into, they would have an excellent opportunity to put in some creative yet unique features that are hard to find. 

This article includes easy tips on how to decorate each significant home section by including some ageless features. 


A kitchen is the heart of every home, where everyone shares their best memories and delicious meals. It must be well organized, clutter-free, and cleaned regularly. While setting up things in the kitchen, you must purchase suitable containers for raw ingredients, spices, and other significant cooking essentials. 

Apart from kitchen containers, your kitchen must have basic kitchen implements, including plates, bottles, cooker, bowls, etc. The kitchen must have proper cleaning supplies, including wiping cloths, dustbins, and liquid soaps, de-cluttering the kitchen environment. 


Living Room 

It is very significant to keep your living room well-maintained and cleaned. A living room is a space, where all the family members and guests sit together to share a good time and create serene memories. 

For a unique yet creative living room, you can add some unique features like a handcrafted diwan set, floral or Jaipuri work cushion covers, or even showpieces or antiques amplifying the entire outlook.

Additionally, it should be kept clutter-free, and you must avoid keeping personal belongings in the living room since it is a common area. 

Living room


Bathrooms are the most important area that one cannot ignore while moving to a new home. Fixtures and fittings such as sink, taps, lights, shower, etc. must be fixed well before you shift to your new home.

Moreover, it must have basic toiletries and bathroom supplies, including soap, shampoo, handwash, wiper, tissue papers, body wash, etc. 

When it comes to decorating and de-cluttering, make sure to buy some scented candles, appealing lamps, beautiful curtains, and decorative fixtures, augmenting the tranquil vibes of the entire bathroom. 



A Bedroom is a personal space where everyone spends their quality time. It must be well lighted and decorated with unique features, including curtains with monochromatic shades or patchwork designs, Jaipuri Bedsheets, handcrafted Quilts dictating a great grandeur. 

Put your own spin to define your bedroom in a personalized way involving your favorite colour shades, features, and antiques. 



A balcony is a precious space for all those who are nature geeks and loves to live close to nature. The balcony’s open space allows a person to enjoy the original view of the outdoors, including splendid sun, twinkling stars, roaring rains, and even aromatic, earthy vibes.

The place can be well decorated with handmade decor features, outdoor flowering plants, bean bags, minimal furniture, etc.

A balcony is a great escapade from the struggle of the 9 to 5 schedule, which allows people just to sit and relax. 


Setting up and decorating a new home requires a lot of time and essential things. It cannot be achieved overnight, but you can surely do it effortlessly and quickly by following the above easy tips. Get your hands on the right accessories and essentials to put things all together. 

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